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Other sources of dizziness usually resolve in just four to six sessions over the course of four weeks.  Rarely does it take longer.

BPPV typically resolves in just one to two sessions.

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A brief in-office exam is usually all it takes to determine if you have BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), vestibular hypo function or dysfunction, cervicogenic dizziness, or post-concussive dizziness—all of which we can treat successfully.

Vertigo or dizziness may be caused by orthostatic hypotension, fluid in the ear, vestibular neuritis, medication side effects, head trauma, neuroma, Menier's, sinus pathology,  overstimulation at an amusement park, and many other conditions.

With so many different causes of vertigo or dizziness, it's no wonder people might suffer with it for so long.  The correct course of treatment isn't always clear!  We've helped people get rid of vertigo who've had it for just one day or even eight years!

Vestibular Rehab & Balance Training for Vertigo & Dizziness