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Our mission is YOU. What is YOUR mission?

Over-training?  Tired of foam rolling?  Too much mud or one too many obstacles at that last race?  Whatever it may be, we have doctors with athletic training degrees and sports expertise that can get you back in your game faster.

Sports therapy at many clinics just means the therapists (or often a tech or aide) run you through a series of unique, challenging exercises to make you you sweat.  After all, you're an athlete!  Harder is better, right?

Anyone can make you work harder, but is that what you really need?  Anyone can put ice on you and tape you up.  In fact, you probably can yourself!

What you need is skilled training to

correct the way that you move.

Your technique, your form. If your body won't do or can't move the way it needs to, then you need someone with the manual therapy skills who can make that happen—and show you how to keep the results!

In fact, we often have trouble getting rid of our athlete patients.  They not only heal and get better faster, they return better than they were before their injury with more flexibility, increased strength, greater stamina and endurance, improved agility, better performance.

Call us today and get back in your game!

Sports Injuries for the Athlete and Weekend Warrior