How's that arm?  Bursitis?  Tendonitis?  Arthritis?  Rotator cuff tear?  Torn cartilage?  Separation?  Impingement?  A lot can go wrong in the shoulder, not to mention SLAP tears, Bankart lesions, and labral tears. It's no wonder.  The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body.  We may pay a price for that mobility but just think about what you can do with your arm.  It's a miracle we don't have more problems with it than we do!

If a car were to accelerate from a stand still to 90 mph and stop again in the short distance that a professional pitcher moves his or her arm to throw a baseball 90 mph, something in that car would break!

The shoulder is a complicated area of the body.  Typically, when reaching overhead, several segments of the spine, several ribs, and the shoulder blade will have moved as well as your SC, AC, and glenohumeral joints.  17 muscles attach to your shoulder blade alone.  It's no wonder an ice pack and those silly rotator cuff band exercises alone just don't cut it when it comes getting your shoulder to work for us pain-free again.

So, whether you've had surgery and want to rehabilitate your shoulder, want to avoid surgery, and just finally want to take care of that persistent nag, be sure to get movement, solution-focused physical therapy.

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