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Our mission is YOU. What is YOUR mission?

Mission: Nutrition for Weight Loss

Tired of roller coaster weight loss programs? Don't know how to make sense of fad diets and trends?Trying to figure out what works for YOUR body? Whether for weight loss or simply because you want to be healthier, attend this seminar to find out how to eat your way to health!


There are so many traditions that both contribute to knee pain and keep people from eliminating it.  Fortunately, there is a great deal of excellent research showing why this is such a problematic joint for so many people and, more importantly, what they can do about it.

Come to a KneeFit Seminar and find out why this is one of our favorite areas to treat.  You'll like the message and the results!

balance dizziness vertigo physical therapy Gilbert AZ

MissionFit Seminars

Throughout the year, we give several informative seminars to the public..  Email us to let us know which you would be interested attending. 

Balance and Dizziness

Though loose crystals (BPPV), allergy and sinus trouble, head injury, side effects of medication, neuropathy, low blood sugar, and anemia or common reasons, most people don't know what makes them dizzy or lose their balance.  With so many causes of vertigo, dizziness, and loss of balance, where should you start?

Come to our Balance and Dizziness Seminar and learn how to stop the spinning, get off the boat, and get back on your feet!

back pain physical therapy Gilbert AZ
back pain physical therapy Gilbert AZ

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Get relief without the use of drugs or surgery!  Our last open house filled to capacity.  Still interested?  Call today to find out how you can experience a  FREE deep tissue laser treatment to see if it will work for you.

Mission: Nutrition

Buy Susan's book, Mission: Nutrition

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knee pain physical therapy Gilbert AZ

Back Pain and Sciatica

It doesn’t matter whether the underlying pathology is discogenic, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, OA/degeneration, facet sprain, or just a “backache.”  Low back pain is the #1 orthopedic reason people see their physicians.  As many as 90% of people in the United States will stay home from work or school at least one or more days due to back pain at some point in their lives.  It affects everyone and it is costly.

Why don’t people get results? Because treatments often focus on managing symptoms or temporary solutions.  Come to our Back Pain and Sciatica Seminar to find out what you can do.  Our next workshop is on Saturday, June 22nd at 10am.​  Seating is limited.