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Forgot how to do an exercise?  Request a hardcopy at your next appointment, ask our front desk to email you a pdf copy, or simply download a copy from this page by clicking on the name of the exercise you need below.*  Tools are exercises typically used to "fix" your problem or restore your motion.  Use them daily, frequently, and gently.  Training exercises should be performed just 2 or 3 times each week, beginning with 2 sets and progressing to 4 sets once you've become conditioned.  A "set" is 20 repetitions or 1 minute (if isometric or just holding a position) or fatigue, whichever comes first.


Mission Physical Therapy offers tune-ups for former (non-current) patients. If you have a problem that your tools aren't fixing, don't hesitate to come in before it develops into something worse!  Tune-ups are only $25! Schedule one the same day or day before. We can often accommodate even last-minute appointments!

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We hate paperwork. So, we try to keep it to a minimum for you too! Many of our patients find it convenient to fill out their paperwork from home and simply bring it with them. Click the above buttons above to download our forms or email us at to request the forms.

Lumbar Positional Traction

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*These pictures and instructions are not intended to serve as or replace professional intervention or instruction under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist, but merely as reminders of instruction previously received in hopes of increasing independence with exercises performed at home.  Mission Physical Therapy and its staff cannot be held responsible for exercises performed incorrectly.

Facial Exercises

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Now we're getting to prevention!  Probably the best strategy.   Our bodies do not tolerate prolonged positions well.  It has been said by many: "He who rests, rots."  Muscle atrophy, bones become brittle, joints stiffen, balance deteriorates—even the brain loses it's wit.  It's the nature of the world we live in.  The engine and drive train of a car sitting in a parking lot will seize up.  So, though the Tools you have learned to loosen you up may be very helpful, proper ergonomics when sitting, standing, sleeping, or traveling for long periods of time is where we should start. In addition to training and advice from your physical therapist, you may find these handouts helpful: