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Our mission is YOU. What is YOUR mission?

The history of manipulation, mobilization, adjustments, or other joint-specific therapies is fascinating to say the least.  Archaeological or historical findings and records show it's use by many, including the Chinese and Egyptians, Hippocrates, and English bone-setters.

In our time and specifically in the United States, most think of chiropractors when it comes to getting their backs "popped".  However, the use of various forms of manipulative therapy is much more widespread to include doctors of osteopathy and doctors of physical therapy.  Training and philosophies related to application vary greatly.  From a simple point of view, there are those that believe in adjusting the spine and other joints to restore alignment, and there are those that believe in manipulating the spine and joints to restore mobility.

At Mission Physical Therapy, our doctors have found that patients like and respond best to what many consider more gentle techniques that restore full mobility and reduce pain.  As we consider research and seek advanced training, we look for those techniques that are most effective yet still comfortable to our patients.  We use a variety, in part, because our patients all seem to have their own preferences.

It's no surprise that, when our patients return for wellness services, our style of joint and soft tissue manipulation is the most requested treatment.

Manipulation / Mobilization / Adjustments