The two primary indicators of a mechanical problem that we see at the knee are genu valgus (knock knee with the knees coming together) and anterior knee shear (the knees passing the toes) leading to quad dominance.  Both problems originate at the hips where the hips are weak allowing the knees to fall inward and/or the hips are not flexed sufficiently to load them (and off load the knees).  So, though your pain may be in your knee, the problem is in your hips!

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These exercises follow traditions and do not load our legs the way we use them.  On the other hand, just look at the bend in the hips of these athletes!  Much greater than what you might see these same athletes doing in the gym.

Most medical treatment of knee pain includes some form of rest from pain-inducing activities ("If it hurts, don't do it," right?).  It also includes medicine (anti-inflammatories, steroid injections, artificial lubricant, etc.) and surgery.

At best, medical treatment is incomplete.

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Sometimes, the stresses on the knee may be greater because of a collapse in the ankles or the arch of the feet—which can be easily corrected with proper shoes or orthotics and, if not severe, corrected with strengthening of the foot and ankle muscles over time.

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Most of the time, knee pain is caused by poor mechanics.  This applies to a knee injured traumatically or with "overuse" activities (such as walking, hiking, running, and jumping) just as much as it does for someone recovering from a meniscal repair, ACL reconstruction, or total knee replacement.  That's the MovementCorrection Method is so effective!  It addresses the mechanical problems more so than just covering up symptoms.

Physical therapy often doesn't do much better with symptom-focused modalities (heat, ice, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound) and generic, quad-focused exercises (like you see here).