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Our mission is YOU. What is YOUR mission?

So, whether your hip interferes with your run or "catches" with certain movements, if it is wearing out and you want to postpone a hip replacement, or if you have already undergone a hip replacement, consider physical therapy here at Mission Physical Therapy.  Get your powerhouse back!

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When it comes to walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs, squatting, or lifting, our hips are were we truly generate some power. This is a large joint with large muscles surrounding it.

Discovering the cause of your pain can be challenging, however, as problems in other areas can radiate or refer to the hip.  These might include lumbar disc pathology, hernias, and gynecological or pelvic floor issues.

True hip pathologies including osteoarthritis, bursitis, and labral tears.  Other problems that plague this area of the body include piriformis syndrome and sciatica.

The Powerhouse Hip

Our therapists often find that lack of motion or strength in the hips contributes significantly to low back, knee, and foot problems.  Because we often include the hip in our treatment of these areas, we have become expert in restoring full, pain-free function to the hip.