For women, you will want to consider your gender's specific needs.  Often it seems that women's shoes are termed such simply because of their color.  (Whoever said that pink is a "girl's" color anyway!?). Woman typically need a:

  • narrower heel and mid-foot
  • higher instep
  • longer arch
  • and female-specific metatarsal positioning 


It's difficult to talk about gait training without talking about what we put under our feet.  Footwear is a multibillion dollar industry with complex technologies going into the materials and design of shoes.  Some key points to consider include having:

  • a large toe box that allows you to spread your toes
  • equal amount of cushioning under the heel and the forefoot
  • more cushioned shoes if you tend to have foot pain
  • less cushioned if you have strong feet but suffer from joint pain

Running Form or Technique

Though each person's needs are unique, there are several common principles that will help you run better.  These include:

  1. Forward Momentum Posture
  2. Matching Forward Arms Swing
  3. Low-Impact Landing
  4. High Cadence
Cadence Running Company shoes Altra

Gait Training—for the way you walk, run, and move!

There is a unique pattern—a signature in the way that each of us walks, runs, and moves.  When we move inefficiently, we fatigue more quickly and some part of our body breaks down causing injury.  Gait training requires a holistic approach looking at every joint and muscles' contribution to your unique pattern of movement. So, whether you're trying to get rid of a limp, eliminate pain, and improve your running form, gait training with a Movement Correction approach will help you!

Check out Altra.  We like their shoes and we found many of their running tips to match our own philosophy.

As for Cadence Running Company, they seem to know how to fit people in the right shoe for the way they move and what they want to do in them.

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