True, medical treatment of back pain has come a long way since orders for "30-days bed rest". Most medical treatment of back pain and sciatica now includes some form of rest from pain-inducing activities, such as bending over, lifting, and twisting.  It also includes medicine (anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, steroid injections, epidural injections, etc.) and surgery.
At best, 
medical treatment is incomplete.

Our treatment approach is wholistic—meaning whole body.  If, for example, you can’t bend over because of back pain or sciatic, it may actually be that you’ve lost flexion or bend in your hips.  The arthritis, bulged disc, and other tissue breakdown is not the real problem!

But, you say, “Have you seen my MRI?!  What can physical therapy do for bulging discs, arthritis, or stenosis?”  No matter how bad you’ve been told your back is on MRI, there’s hope for you.

Check out this blog post highlighting just one study about 3,000 people WITHOUT back pain who had bulging discs and even severe degeneration: The Source of Your Pain vs The Source of Your Problem

If the treatment you have tried in the past didn't work, it was likely because there wasn't enough focus on the factors that created the problem: faulty movement.  This applies to a back injured traumatically or with "overuse" activities or postures, such as prolonged sitting, heavy lifting, repeatedly bending over or twisting, etc.  It applies just as well to someone recovering from a discectomy, lumbar fusion, or other surgery.

Simply avoiding pain-provoking activities is NOT a good long-term solution! We still have to work, take care of children, and live!

Physical therapy could be an excellent compliment to traditional medical care

but often spends too much time on symptom-focused remedies (heat, ice, TENS, and ultrasound) and generic stretching and “core” exercises.

There are quick, practical solutions to most back problems.  As a common example, consider the stress placed on the spine when we carry weight in front of us, such as when carrying boxes, carrying too much belly fat, or when carrying a baby...The compressive forces on the low back are greater and the lumbar muscles are tense!  Though you might not be able to lose weight overnight or deliver your baby for a few more weeks or months, you can get relief today!

It's further complicated by the fact that many exercises follow old traditions and, especially if done incorrectly, load the back too heavily (e.g., dead lifting, Olympic squats, lunges, back extension machines, etc.).  Because of such traditions, many are afraid to bend forward—even with a straight back.

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