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Our mission is YOU. What is YOUR mission?

From ankle sprains to stress fractures, heel pain and plantar fasciitis, turf toe to shin splints, we've got you covered with more than just shoe recommendations or an overpriced orthotic.  You may even be able to avoid the bench and continue most or some parts of the active lifestyle you enjoy.

Our feet are our foundation.  Limp around in a walking boot or walk awkwardly with an ankle sprain or some other foot pain, and next thing you know your back is out or your knee hurts—especially when you're shooting for gazillion steps a day!

Everyone knows that, when your your feet are tired, your whole body feels tired.  It's no wonder so many love a pedicure and foot/calf massage.  Even some comfy shoes or a nice pair of socks can feel heavenly!

All too often, the squeaky wheel gets the attention.  All of our focus goes to our painful feet, so much that we may not realize the true source of the problem.  Thorough evaluation may reveal lumbar radiculopathy or sciatica as the culprit.  Or, mechanically, a tight or weak hip may cause you to load and push off of your foot ineffectively.

Take advantage of our Movement Correction-Trained doctors.  They can figure out a solution to get you back on your feet first thing in the morning or on the track, trail, and golf course.

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Ankle and Foot Problems