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VS Most Clinics

Only 10 minutes with a therapist
Techs and aides
Somebody different every time
Exercise on your own
Treat the pain
“No pain, no gain!”
“I hurt for days after!”
Watch TV while you wait
“How early do I have to come?!”
“I feel like a number.”

Stick figure home exercises

* We only work with 1 or 2 patients per hour.

mission physical therapy

1-hour with the therapist*
Therapist only
Continuity of care
Skilled training
Treat the problem
Therapeutic exercise

Gentle, yet effective treatments
In and out in < 1 hour
Streamlined paperwork
“They know my name!”

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The top 3 physical therapy traps to avoid

1. Not enough “hands-on” and Skilled Training.

If treatments mainly consist of ultrasound, heat/ice, electrical stimulation or other passive treatments, the results will be temporary and short-lived.  People with arthritis, injuries, and chronic pain need someone with advanced training in manual therapy and skilled corrective exercise to provide relief, restore motion, increase strength, improve balance, and get you back to doing what you love.  You cannot get this from techs or aides.  Only doctors of physical therapy have the education and training to provide this.  Perhaps this is why physical therapy "failed" you in the past.  Mission Physical Therapy's doctors are trained in the most effective manual therapies.  They will train you to move well until it becomes natural and automatic for you.

2. Not seeing results immediately.

You should get pain relief and feel a difference in the way you move immediately. Most physical therapists are not trained on fast-acting techniques and do not try to teach you what you’ve been doing that keeps your body in a state of pain.  If they are good, you should see results immediately.  Physical therapy isn’t just rehabilitation but fast pain relief.  The treatments offered by Mission Physical Therapy have been reported as being “revolutionary”, fast-acting, and affordable.  Patients love it!

3. Not encouraged to improve on your own.

Most physical therapy businesses are exactly that: a business. They don’t want patients to get better TOO fast.  They won’t make money if patients don’t “need” them anymore.  As a result, many physical therapy offices do not empower the patient. They don’t give patients the tools or education to get better faster on their own or to keep the results.  Mission Physical Therapy does.  Our belief is that if we get you better faster then you will tell your family and friends about your great experience and that will help us grow.

  Why Choose Mission Physical Therapyin Gilbert AZ?

Our mission is YOU. What is YOUR mission?

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